Thursday, September 27, 2007

Tracking Diet and Weight on a Spreadsheet

'Big Daddy D' gives us an example of how he used a spreadsheet to track and share his progress on a diet and weight loss plan. The value of tracking the details you'll see in this spreadsheet is the ability to measure how changes in the diet produce the desired (or un-desired) result. Sharing this data lets others use that knowledge for themselves. He says in his Blog: "In April, we switched to a 14 day carb cycle (11 days low and 3 days high). Under both plans, each of us have experienced substantial weight loss. Here, I share my experiences and recipes."

Site: Big Daddy D's Low Carb Life
Page/Post: Carb Cycle Findings (the link to the spreadsheet is in the comments)
Spreadsheet: BDD Diet Log

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