Monday, July 21, 2008

Sharing Savings, Sharing Coupons

SavvyDollar.Org is self billed as "North Carolina's source for savings... and members, (one in particular) are very helpful to each-other (and dedicated to the cause of saving money) it seems by sharing coupons using a list of available coupons on an online spreadsheet.

Page/Post:Available Coupons Spreadsheet posted
Spreadsheet:JustBAMom's Coupon Treasures

Fantasy Football Data, Data and more Data

The amount of information packed into the Fantasy Football Roster spreadsheet at The Swami's site is hard to believe. If you're into the game - you might want to get into this spreadsheet.

Site:The Swami Fantasy Football
Page/Post:Football Rosters as of 7/21/08
Spreadsheet:2008 Fantasy Football Rosters

Monday, July 14, 2008

Event Schedules rock on a spreadsheet

I've seen lots of event schedules on the web - particularly those conference schedules, with many days, many time slots each day and many "tracks" or rooms, each of which have their own set of event items. Spreadsheets, clearly work great for this - with the rows being the day/time and the columns being the rooms or tracks. This one, posted by the Boston Podcamp3 organizers is an example of such a schedule. It's not pretty in format, but it is funcitonal, collaborative (until locked by the owner), embedded in a web page and easily shared...

Site:PodCamp3 Boston
Page/Post:PodCamp3 Boston Schedule page
Spreadsheet:Conference Schedule