Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Peer Pressure Workouts

Looks like a few friends are taking their workout challenge seriously - and they've got the data to prove it!

Site:Pushing the Limit
Page/Post:The 6-pack Challenge: day 28
Spreadsheet:2008 Exercise Challenge

Fantasy Golf Deserves Fantastic Spreadsheets

Serious fantasy sports leagues require serious data tracking and collaboration. Proof in this spreadsheet which is used by the "A Level Above" Fantasy Sports Site to track a Fantasy Golf game. Look through the blog post for some nice charts presenting some data analysis.

Site:Fantasy Sports Commissioner's Blog
Page/Post:Greatest Tournament Ever
Spreadsheet:PGA Fantasy Golf Standings

Keep a running Log of your Running

The Steps on Our Journey blog re-linked to a Running Log which served as a reminder that spreadsheets and visualizations of data can help us track our own progress in life - not just at work. The author of this blog posted back in February a cool chart showing miles run per week. The latest post is a more detailed account of a specific race run, with a link back to the author's running log.

Site:Steps on Our Journey
Spreadsheet:Running Log