Friday, November 30, 2007

Data: Church Attendance by Income

Political Animal is a, you guessed it, political blog as part of Washington Monthly... They took posted some data about church attendance mapped to median incomes and someone on the post commented with a spreadsheet in return showing the data and the chart re-created. Worth a look as an example of a scatter chart.

Site:Washington Monthly
Page/Post:Political Animal
Spreadsheet:US States: Church Attendance v.s. Median Income

Bike Race Results

In their own words: "Bike Monkey is a growing advocacy group in Sonoma County that aims to utilize cycling as a means of benefiting the community in a variety of ways."... They used a spreadsheet to show the results of a bike race, which looks lke a good template for other bikers out there.

Site:Bike Monkey
Page/Post:Blog posts in November
Spreadsheet:Lake Sonoma Bike Race Results

Knitting Patterns fit well in a spreadsheet

If you make the columns really narrow, you get a great knitting pattern template... So discovered an Austin, Texas Craigslist user who posted a spreadsheet example of such a knitting pattern. Comment here if you've ever done the same...

Site:Craigslist in Austin, Texas
Page/Post:Knit anything lately?
Spreadsheet:Knitting Pattern (Eye Patch)

Inventory lists to improve Craigslist listing

An Ohio-based comic collector and seller uses a spreadsheet to manage a public inventory which he can show on Craigslist - making it easier for buyers to see everything he has for sale in one page...

Site:CraigsList for Columbus, Ohio
Page/Post:1500 Comics
Spreadsheet:Comic Book Inventory


Monday, November 19, 2007

Fantasy Basketball Tracking

Fantasy sports players are some of the most creative spreadsheet users. Here's a sample from the NBA.Com fantasy leagues, where a user posted his spreadsheet link for his league by division, draft round, etc. It's very nicely formatted and a great example for those of you aspiring fantasy sports coaches.

Page/Post:Fantasy Forums (specific post removed it seems)
Spreadsheet:Basketball Fantasy League Tables

Coin Collecting and Trading

Geo-aware coin collectors commonly post their "trading lists" on the user forums (known as GroundSpeak). One user thouht it would be helpful to collect all these trading list URLs into a well organized spreadsheet. That spreadsheet is now like a navigation page to all the trading lists posted by users.
Page/Post:Trading List Post
Spreadsheet:Geo-COIN Trading Lists

Audi A2 Fuel Consumption

The International Audi A2 Owners club seems like a pretty active online community. One user posted a Fuel Consumption log that looks like it's been maintained since February of 2005. Most interesting was the calculation which shows this automobile achieving 62 miles per gallon!

Site:Audi A2 Int'l Owners Club
Page/Post:Alan_UK Spreadsheet Post
Spreadsheet:Audi A2 Fuel Consumption Log

Vista Compatibility Matrix

The Cornell.Edu wiki has this useful table of software products' compatibility status when running on Windows Vista. Very useful when trying to identify potential issues whn upgrading if you run one of the products listed. The matrix includes things like who tested (with a link), functionality notes, workarounds, versions, and links to vendor support pages.

Site: wiki
Page/Post: Cornell Wiki post
Spreadsheet: Vista Compatibility Matrix

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Compiled List of Running Races

This spreadsheet will prove very useful to those runners in Central Ohio who agree with DrewEOB on the forums - who says: "I'm not a huge fan of fishing through five or more sites to find some races, so I put together my listing. It's certainly not exhaustive, but it's got some depth...". Wouldn't it be nice if there were one of these for every state or region!? (i can't understand why Drew didn't post a link to this spreadsheet from his own blog... it's really useful!)

Site: forums
Page/Post: Central Ohio race Listing
Spreadsheet: Upcoming Races in Central Ohio

Hiking & Camping Gear List

A Pacific Northwest Trail enthusiast posted this very well formatted hiking gear list as a spreadsheet. It's categorized (e.g. clothing, cooking, first aid, sleeping, etc) and it summarizes the weight of the items - which is critical for hikers.

Site: Pacific Northwest Trail Forums
Page/Post: PNT o7 Trail Report
Spreadsheet: Pacific Northwest Trail Gear List

Multi-person Fitness Tracking

A climber in New Hampshire posted a spreadsheet which logs physical fitness training for himself and a group of friends. As he describes it, "the training log made it even more fun for me creating a friendly competition amongst friends, and especially yourself."
It's a multi-sheet spreadsheet, with summary sheets and a single sheet per participant.

Site: Climbing, Thoughts, Reflections
Page/Post: Training...Always
Spreadsheet: August 2007 Training Log

Local Election Data

Someone on the forums posted historic election data for the city of Trenton, NJ in a spreadsheet. This allows the viewers to see trends across election years for stats such as numbers of registered voters, votes per candidate, etc.

Site: NJ.Com Forums
Page/Post: Forum Post entitled: Trenton Election Data
Spreadsheet: Trenton Municipal Elections Data Sheet