Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Online Seating Charts - for teachers, by a teacher

Daniel Rezac - a Google Certified Teacher - posted an example of a seating chart he did for his school on his "Adventures in Ed Tech" blog - along with a video which explains the process of creating one for yourself. Seems like an innovative way to keep yet another one of those many (many!) pieces of information that a teacher needs in an easy to manage - and more fun - form.

Site:drezac - Adventures in Ed Tech
Page/Post:Google Apps in the Class: Creating Online Seating Charts
Spreadsheet:Seating Chart Spreadsheet

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Farm Town is the original Farming game? and spreadsheet?

Looks like I should give fair time to what appears to be the original farming simulation game - Farm Town (also on Facebook). Lots of resources and blogs focused on this game - including this blog I found which linked to another really detailed data spreadsheet... so here's that one. You make the choice on which one you like best!

Site:Farm Town Here Blog
Page/Post:What is best to plant?
Spreadsheet:Farm Town data sheet

Farmville is apparently a game of data analysis

If you play FarmVille on Facebook, you've probably already seen this - but apparently it offers tremendous value to those playing the game who want to optimize their farming results. I'm not familiar enough with the details of the game to tell more here - except that this spreadsheet has information on Seeds, Trees, Animals, Buildings, Decorations, Ribbons, Expansion, Vehicles and Crop Images. Wow.

Site:Steven Loi's Blog
Page/Post:ROI analysis on Framville
Spreadsheet:Farmville Data