Monday, September 17, 2007

Stock Picking, Watching and Competing

TDavid posted a fun spreadsheet back in July which put him head to head against his wife in a stock picking competition...
My wife and I are getting ready for a little friendly stock competition where we’re both starting with a small amount of money and seeing what we can do with it playing the stock market. I thought it would be nice to share with readers how the stocks we’re buying and selling are doing.
[...and added the reasons he chose to use Google spreadsheets...]
- my wife and I can collaborate on the spreadsheet
- it will be easier for my wife to update from her browser any time she wants
- changes to the spreadsheet can automatically updated on the blog
- it will give me a chance to work with the Google Spreadsheet API. This will allow me to be able to include parts of the shared spreadsheet at Hmm (programming required)

Site: Things that make you go Hmm
Page / Post: How to add your own shared updated stock list using google spreadsheets
Spreadsheet: Stock Competition 2007

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