Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Watching stocks on a Spreadsheet

Here's a spreadsheet which follows selected stocks from a given point in time, up to the current, updated price - to give an "unrealized gain or loss" calculation based on some theoretical number of shares purchased. It's very simple. The way this spreadsheet was populated as you see it, was from using the Google Finance stock screener - a very useful tool which lets you identify stocks which meet certain criteria which you can easily set. Oh - I almost forgot to mention - the stock prices in this spreadsheet update automatically using the GoogleFinance function of Google spreadsheets... sweet.

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Spreadsheet:Stock Screen Spreadsheet (preview)
Spreadsheet:get your own copy
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Marcus Tarrant said...

Hi Friends,

This is the best way for watching stocks on a spreadsheet. It is an excel that was written to track stock purchases. Thanks for providing this...

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