Monday, February 23, 2009

Canadian Women's Hockey League knows spreadsheets

The Oakville Hornets women's hockey league of Ontario, Canada probably have quite an online audience, given the number of teams and players they support. It looks like (at a quick glance) around 8 leagues with as many as 16 or 24 teams in some of those. They use spreadsheets extensively in their Tournament Standings pages - publishing updated standings with embedded published spreadsheets in web pages. If you're wondering why they'd do this - imagine the difference between updating HTML versus a spreadsheet each time a game is played... then imagine you need to add up total wins, or calculate win pctg. Much easier in a spreadsheet than an HTML page. Opens up the task to practically anyone in the organizations instead of just a webmaster. Nice job, Hornets!

Site:Oakville Hornets Hockey
Sample Page:Tournament Standings (sample)
Spreadsheet:Schedule of games & standings

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