Sunday, February 22, 2009

Hockey Stats in spreadsheets - prospective Buffalo Sabres

The Sabres Prospects blog uses spreadsheets effectively to publish statistics on prospective hockey players. In the right pane of their blog, you'll find a few links to a spreadsheet in the "Statistics" section. Notice that the links are to different individual sheets within the same spreadsheet file (workbook). You can build individual links like that using the "More Publishing Options" link on the publishing dialog within the spreadsheets editor on Google Docs...

Site:Sabres Prospects
Main Spreadsheet:Sabres Prospects Stats
Detail sheet:Shooting MPH sheet

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Douglas Galbi said...

An obvious point that I initially overlooked: when linking to a specific spreadsheet, you have to take off the "&single=true" at the end of the URL in order for the links to the other speadsheets in the workbook to be shown at the top of the given spreadsheet.