Friday, January 4, 2008

Logging your Biking and Commuting Miles

Noah from the Commute by Bike blog (and his own KC Bike Commuting blog) has posted a very useful Bike Log spreadsheet which he plans to use to track all his biking miles in 2008. It's clear that this spreadsheet is useful, as he had a whole year of experience using his 2007 spreadsheet to learn what needed to change - so the 2008 version is sure to be a hit. As he says in his comment reply to other readers (who are also suggesting he check out and other specific sites), "Google Spreadsheets lets you update from anywhere as well as collaborating with others, including revision control. It would be trivial to keep an online team spreadsheet for all of the bike commuters you know in town, or anything of the sort".

Site:Commute By Bike blog and KC Bike Commuting blog
Page/Post:Keep Track of your Riding
Spreadsheet #1:2007 Bike Log Spreadsheet (this one is fully loaded with 2007 data)
Spreadsheet #2:2008 Bike Log Spreadsheet (this one is improved, but almost empty, as he has just begun to use it in 2008)
Get Your Own Blank Copy by Clicking Here (note, each click on this link will give you another copy in your google docs list)

Note: That "get your own copy" link above is a google spreadsheet version of the excel file posted by Noah on the Commute by Bike blog - which I've imported to give people more direct access. I only made one change to that file: I added a link back to the author's blog within the summary sheet. You can see a preview of it here:

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Thanks :)

At least someone understands the flexibility of a collaborative, revision-controlled, web-accessible spreadsheet.