Sunday, January 6, 2008

Collaborating on Health Plans from the Mountains

An "online Health Mgmt Consultant" posted a great story of collaboration (not to mention customer service)... in his words:

"...while I was hiking up Mt.Sto.Tomas, a good friend sent me a TXT message asking me to help him crunch some numbers for a provincial health insurance scheme. [...] I rushed down the mountain, hitched a ride with a truck hauling cabbages and got to an internet cafe by 2pm. We crunched some numbers online using Google Spreadsheet and we generated this spreadsheet. There was actually a chat window right beside the spreadsheet so we could exchange notes as we were building up the spreadsheet."

There's way too little information on that blog to understand the spreadsheet in depth (or the author), but the story is fun.
Page/Post:Online Health Management Consultancy
Spreadsheet:Sample Health Micro insurance

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