Sunday, January 6, 2008

A GPA Calculator with how-to video

uTIPu is a site which gives the software (tipCam) to capture your own help videos (tips) and a community site through which others can view your video. While the site seems new, someone has posted a video explaining their Google spreadsheet GPA calculator - with a video describing how to use it. They also used the often overlooked (uh... make that un-discoverable) feature called &newcopy, which lets you immediately give someone a copy of your spreadsheet when they click it... so we provide that type of link below as well.

The only thing the author has incorrect is the subtle mistake in "You need a Google (Gmail) account to use it."... A Google Account is NOT the same thing as a GMail account - even though a GMail account IS a Google account, you can also use your existing non-gmail email address to create a Google account and use Google Docs, Calendar, Alerts, Notebook, etc...

Page/Post:GPA Calculator (video and spreadsheet links)
Spreadsheet:GPA Calculator (view only)
Get Your Own Copy:GPA Calculator (EDIT YOUR OWN)

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