Tuesday, October 2, 2007

No Child Left Behind Stats for DC

This is an example of publishing information in a very easy to consume form - charts first, and then the underlying data in a spreadsheet if people want it. The charts were published IN-LINE in the blog post, so they appear without the need to follow a link - they are just included in the post. The author, Nathan, sys these charts show "the percentage of students who have tested as 'proficient' in reading and math according to the No Child Left Behind annual report cards. I've broken out the data into four graphs, splitting the data by Elementary and Secondary schools and test type.". To publish charts like this, there's a special option in the chart menu (once your editing a chart) called "publish chart", which gives you a URL of the chart image.

Site: DC Education Blog
Page/Post: NCLB Stats, 2007 Edition
Spreadsheet: DC NCLB Report Card

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