Thursday, February 14, 2008

Delegate data tastes good on a spreadsheet

Laurent Kretz posted useful data (which this blog cannot endorse as correct) showing US Delegates (yes, for the presidential election) by State, by Date, and with a summary. This is not the last example of such data presented in a spreadsheet this year, but this might give others some inspiration for more data analysis, maybe adding charts, etc.

Site:Laurent Kretz blog
Page/Post:1,312 Delegates to go
Spreadsheet:Delegates per US State, etc.

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Laurent Kretz said...

Thanks you for the link !

I also worked on the candidates' budgets for this and the past two elections.
The post is here: A $572M absurdity: the presidential campaigns fundraising et here is the spreadsheet:

Might be of an interest for some of you ...