Thursday, December 6, 2007

Stock Gumshoe Tracks Stock Tips

The Stock Gumshoe blog is for people who are "frustrated or intrigued by email teasers from investment newsletters and advisers". It includes a spreadsheet which tracks the investment advice of these investment newsletters which provide, for lack of a better name, "Stock Tips". Travis Johnson, the author of this blog and another investment blog (called OneGuysInvestments) says on that other blog that he's "not an investment advisor, registered or otherwise, so don't follow my moves unless you're happy to lose money without suing someone.". Notice in this spreadsheet, Travis' smart use of links in cells to point viewers to specific blog posts for each of the investments being tracked... Great way to offer value to readers but also to syndicate your pages to other sites.

Site:Stock Gumshoe Blog
Page/Post:Sock Gumshoe's Tracking Spreadsheet Page
Spreadsheet:Stock Gumshoe Tracking Spreadsheet

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